Remove a brand from the Smart Brand program

You may need to remove your brand from Bridge's Smart Brand program. When you do, you'll need to notify retailers that are syncing your products.  Here are the steps to remove a brand from the Smart Brand program:

1. Notify Bridge that you'll be removing the brand. Normally, you must give Bridge a 90-day notice before delisting all items.
2. Make a list of all retailers syncing data with your brand. You can get this in your Bridge account.
3. Email the retailers notifying them of the delisting.

Below please find a sample email that can be sent to retailers;


[brand] will no longer be part of Bridge's Smart Brand program.

We see that you sell this line.

We will be archiving all items in this brand soon.

Please note: if you have any [brand] items in a registry, they will remain in the registry.  Reason: imagine if a bride registered for something and suddenly it was gone. She'd be upset. If you want to remove Mateus items from registries, here are the steps:

1. Login to your Bridge

2. Roll over "Gift Registry" and from the drop down click on "Registry Management."

3. On the Registry Management page, look to the right side of the page. There is a search box. This box will let you search for items via all your registries.   In this box, type in "[brand]."  Then click on the Search button.

4. The page will produce all the registries that have this brand in it.  

5. You will edit all the registries and adjust the registries as needed.

Thank you.


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