Duplicate SKU found - how to find original SKU

When adding items to your Bridge, you may sometimes get a message that says "Duplicate SKU found." 
When you get this message, you may ask where you can find the original SKU.
You can look for the original SKU in two spots. 
Both of these can be accessed from the Management drop down. 
1. Login to your Bridge.
2. Roll over Management. 
3. From the drop down, under Products, click on either "Not on public site" or "Archived."
4. If you click on Not on public site, find your item. Click its name to view its profile. You'll most likely want to add a price for the item, then click on "Add new product."
5. If you click on Archived, find your item. Then click on "Activate" next to it to make it live.

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