Hide wholesale prices from customers but stay logged in to your Bridge

 When you are logged in to your Bridge, your site will show you wholesale prices. 

General public customers and brides can't see these prices, since they are never logged in as an 'admin.'

When you are logged in, you may wish to show your screen to a general public customer or a bride yet not show him/her the wholesale price.  Below is an easy way to stay logged in but hide these prices from his/her view on your computer.

1. Login to your Bridge.
2. Browse to an item where you can see the wholesale price.
3. In the upper right of your screen, roll over "Page View". 
4. From the drop down, click the box "Showroom."
5. The page will refresh and the wholesale price will disappear. Also, many of the edit features will be hidden.

To undo Showroom view, just reverse your steps. Uncheck the box next to Showroom in the Page View drop down.

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