Turning on, off, and updating email alert notifications to brides when they receive a gift

By default, your Bridge software notifies a bride one hour after a purchase has been made online or you (the store) has created a digital copy of an in-store purchase.
Why do we do this?  Brides like to be informed about purchases.  In addition, this interaction keeps your registry with the bride 'top of mind' and increases traffic to the registry.
1. To adjust the time at which these alerts are sent, visit the Your Account Profile page. (You can do this by rolling over "Management" on your Bridge account.)
2. Once on the Your Account Profile account page, scroll down and look on the right in the "Registry Services" area.
You will see this text "By default, email registrant when a purchase has been made."  By default, this is set to "Yes." Leave that as is.
3. Below that text you will see this text:
"For "Yes" above, send this email to registrant how long after purchase?"
Your choices are:
- At time of purchase (immediately)
- 1 hour after the order
- 2 hour after the order
- 6 hours after the order
- 24 hours after the order
- 48 hours after the order
4. Select your preferred time. Click on the "Save" button at the bottom.
For example, if you set the delay to 6 hours, the bride won't get an email about a gift order until 6 hours after the purchases. This gives the store time to read the email and act on it.
Stores may not want to immediately alert the bride via email because the store is busy and the bride may read the email before the store. In this example, the bride calls the store and says "I got a gift" and the store may be confused because it has not read its email notifying it of an order.  For this reason, by default Bridge alerts brides 1 hour after the purchase to give the store time to read the order email.
If you would not like to send any purchase alert emails, you can edit each registry and set the registry to "No" for send email notifications.
Warning: setting the alerts to no will hurt interaction, traffic, and sales and is not endorsed by Bridge.

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