Add a picture to a product

1. Login to your Bridge.

2. Browse to the product to which wish to add a picture. You will want to click all the way into the item's Details page. This page offers the most options for adding a picture to an item.  You can tell if you're on the item's Details page page because to the right of the item's picture there will be large buttons that for example says "Add to Invoice".

In addition, you can tell if you're on the item details page by looking at the website link (URL). This URL will contain "details.cfm".
This is the details page for an item on Waterford's Bridge account:

3. Once you are on the item's Details page, if the item has no picture, you will see there are two ways to add a picture.
Look for the area that has this header text:

"Add an image to this item:"

A. Drag & Drop
Below the text "Add an image to this item:", you'll see this text "Drag image from another browser:".  You'll be dragging the image from another browser window into the gray outlined box below. To do this, you will have to have two browser windows open. 

Note: Drag & drop does not work if you are using the browser Internet Explorer.  We suggest you use the browsers Chrome or Firefox.  

Here are the steps to use the drag and drop feature: 
i.  Open two browser windows. One will be the Bridge window with the item to which you wish to add a picture.
ii. Below the product's name, click on the link "Google an image". This will open another browser tab window and our software will Google the brand name, the product name, and the website for the brand. 

iii. You will want to then move this 'tab' Googled result window so that it's side by side with your Bridge page. You will do this in order for you to see your Bridge details page and your Google image search results side by side.  (If you are unsure how to open the windows side by side, you can Google how to open two browser windows side by side.)

iv.  Once you have the two browser windows side by side, in the window with the Google search results, click on the image that you want to add to your site. Since the image is being displayed in Google images, it will 'open' with a black background around it. There is a button "View image" to the right. Click this.

v. This will open the image in a new browser window.  Place this window with the image next to your Bridge window.

vi. Hold down your mouse on the image in Google and then without letting go of the mouse drag it to your browser window showing your Bridge product and into the area that is outlined in gray that has this text above it "Drag image from another browser:"

vii. Once you drag your image into this window, click on the "Submit dragged image" button.

viii. Your page will refresh and your image will appear on your Bridge page. If you get an error, try another image from the Google search results. If that does not work, try the option B below.

B. Upload image from your computer
Using this method, you have to have the image you want to add already stored on your local computer. (We suggest that you place all your Bridge account images in a folder designated for this purpose.) 

i. To load an image that is on your computer, under this text "Choose image from your computer:", click on "Choose file". Note: you computer's wording may be different. Once you click on that, browse to the image. Then, click on submit and/or ok on your computer.

ii. Our software should receive the image and automatically refresh the page and show you the loaded image.   If there is an error or issue, please contact Bridge support. You can do this by rolling over Management at the top of your account and from the drop down's lower right side choosing a support option.

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