Find missing items on your site

Sometimes you will not find items on your public site. You may wonder why there are not appearing and how you can find them.

Below is a path to find items that are not appearing on your public site:

1. Login to your Bridge.
2. Roll over Management.
3. From the drop down, under the "Products" header, click on "Not on public site".
4. You will be taken to the page listing items that are not in the public site.  There is a search box at the top.
5. Click on the item that you want to be on your public site.
6. On the Products tab, we sure to enter in a price. If there is a green bar that says "Please add a product below. Items without a product below will not appear on the public site.", please be sure to enter a price and then click on the blue button "Add new product". You will then be taken to the public site showing your item.

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