Add or edit a Custom page

 A custom page is a page that allows you to add custom content to your website.  This may entail a long list of information, such as cooking events, recipes, or other content.

A Custom page differs from a Chalk news piece in that the Custom page is always accessible from the "More" drop down in your horizontal navigation. 

Whereas a Chalk has the date on the far left side of the page, suggesting its timeliness, a Custom page does not. It's meant to have a longer 'shelf life' and be more timeless.

With a Custom page, you can also change the font style and add links to any piece of text (features that a are not available on a Chalk).

Add a Custom page:
1. Login to your Bridge.
2. Roll over "Add" in the upper left, and fro the drop down click on "Custom page."
3. On the add Custom page,  enter in the page's title.   Our software will automatically suggest a URL.
4. Enter in your content. 
5. Click on "Submit" at the bottom.

Edit a Custom page:
1. Login to your Bridge.
2. In your horizontal navigation, on the far right, roll over "More." From the drop down, click on the page that you'd like to edit.
3. On the page that you'd like to edit, look to the right. There will be a date. That is the date that the custom page was last edited. There is an "Edit this page" link. Click this.
4. You will be in the edit mode for the page.  Add or remove content from the page.
5. Once you make your desired edits, click on "Submit" at the bottom to save your changes.
6. To view your changes, click on the "View page" link to the right to see your page in the public view format.

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