Stop sending out anniversary reminders to customers that purchased a gift for a registry

Your Bridge store automatically sends out anniversary reminder emails to customers that purchased items for a registry.  For example, the email to the customer may say:


Tomorrow ~ May 14, [year]

Sara Smith &  John Jone's 1st Wedding Anniversary

Let's give this couple a nice round of applause. ;)

Send card:


[Your store name]
[Your store's address and tel.]


Sometimes marriages don't work out. When they don't, we have to stop sending friends and family that purchased gifts the anniversary reminders.

If you wish to stop sending these email for just one registry, you'll do this:

To archive a registry:
1. Login to your Bridge.
2. Roll over "Gift Registry" and click on "Registry Management."
3. Click on the bride's name.
4. Scroll to the very bottom.
5. Click on "Archive" registry. This will stop the anniversary email feature.

If you wish to turn these anniversary reminders off for all registries, you will:

1. Login to your Bridge.
2. At the top of your site, roll over "Management" and from the drop down click on "Your Account Profile."
3. On the Your Account Profile, scroll down and look on the right under "Registry Services." You will see an option that says:

Show anniversaries on your Newsfeed and email anniversary reminders to customers that purchased for the registry

Change the drop down choice to say "No."

4. Scroll to the very bottom.  Click on "Save" to save your changes. 

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