Add Our Store to Your Registry List on

 A. Add our store to your registry listing on

1. Login to

2. At the very top of the page, roll over "Registry" and from the drop down click on "Manage your registries."

3. This will take you (the bride) to the page showing your registries.

4. There is a button/link that says "ADD NEW REGISTRY."  Click that.

5. This will open a window that shows "Create a New Registry" and a list of major retailers (Macy's, Target, etc.) will appear.

6. Below the major retailers logos, there is a section titled "Add an Existing Registry." In this area, there is a link that says "Or add your registries manually." Click this.

7. A floating window will appear. The window is titled "Add A Registry Manually." 

In this window, there are two fields that you can enter data into:
"Registry Name"
"Registry URL"

In the Registry Name field, enter "[store's name]"

e.g. "Elegante Gift Shop"

In the Registry URL, paste the URL for your registry. To get this url/link, please see steps below.

You will need your link / URL of your registry on our site. To get this, open a new browser window.
- Visit your registry on our site.
- Click on the link "Share your registry with friends & family." 
- In the floating window that appears, copy your link (URL).

Sadly, there is not a spot on to add our (the store's) logo.  

B. Editing your registry on

If you would like to edit the registry information that you listed above, please:

1. Go to your Registry page on (At the top of, click on "Registry.")

2. On the page listing your Registries, scroll down and look on the left. Under "Menu," there are a few links. Click on "Display Settings."

3. Then choices will refresh to the right and show you choices with the title "Registry Display."

4. Next to the registry that you wish to edit, click on "EDIT."

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