Change your shipping / handling charges

1. Login to your Bridge account.
2. At the top of your site, roll-over "Management."
3. From the dropdown, in the first column, click on "Your Account."
4. On the Your Account page, look to the right for a section entitled "Shipping."
In the Shipping area, you can:
- Set your shipping charge equation. This is a combination of a flat fee and a percent of the order before tax and shipping.
- Choose to offer free shipping above a certain dollar thresh hold.
- Set your default shipping service.
In terms of setting the shipping equation, let's imagine you want to set the pricing for a $100 item.
Let's imagine you enter these settings:
$5 flat fee 
10% of the item
If you sell a $100 item, the shipping charge will be $15 ($5 + $10).
You can increase or decrease the flat fee and percentage to best suit your needs.
5. Farther down the page, in the Registry Services area, you can choose to offer free delivery for gift registry purchases if the customer lives in the designated zip codes that you enter.
6. After making your changes to your shipping setting, please click the "Save" button in the lower right of the page.

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