Sign up a retailer for a free Bridge account

1. Login to your Bridge.

2. At the very top of your account, roll over "Management."

3. From the drop down, on the right-hand at the bottom of the drop down, click on "Sign up retailers."

4. On the Sign up Retailer page, there is a link "Click here to send an introductory email." If you are not sitting with the retailer in person, click on this link to first send a welcome email. 

If the retailer is sitting with you or already knows that you're signing it up, then proceed to the next step.

5. There are three fields. Enter data into the fields on behalf of the retailer.  These include:
+ Retailer's business name.
+ Retailer's business email.
+ Choose password. You or the retailer can pick that.

+ Select the brands that the retailer sells. 
If you select a brand that has a green dot next to it, it's a Smart Brand. When you click on Join, all of its items will appear on the retailer's site.

6. Click on "Join." When you click on Join, our software will email you and your retailer the login, password, and URL to the new Bridge account. This email is useful for accessing the account later.

7. You'll be shown a blue button that leads to the new Bridge account for the retailer. Click this button.  When you click this, you'll be logged in as the retailer. 

8. Browse to the Your Account page and enter needed data, such as the retailer's telephone number, address, etc.

9. If the retailer does not have a website, the retailer will want to add their Bridge URL to their Facebook and/or other social media accounts. If the retailer has a website, it will want to choose how it wants to utilize its new Bridge account. This page shows a few options:

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