Approve a sync request from a retailer or sales rep

1. Login to your Bridge.  (You can do that by going here:

2. On your Bridge account at the very top of the page, roll over "Management."
From the drop-down menu on the right-hand side under "Customer Service," click on "Ticket Tracking."

3. On your Ticket Tracking page, you'll see your open tickets.  Find the sync request that you wish to respond to.  

If you wish to approve it:
In this ticket's area, click on the link "Approve this sync request."  This will sync your items with the business. After you click this link the page will refresh and our system will automatically update this ticket the status "Complete."

If you wish to decline it:
To decline a sync request, first send the requesting member a message using the "Send a message" link. Send the member a message as to why you're not approving it. After you send this message, then update the ticket status by clicking the "Complete" radio button.

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