Validate that a gift registrant (bride) has completed the 5 steps in the incentive program

When a bride completes all five steps required to earn her incentive gift card, you will validate that she completed the steps.

1. Login to your Bridge account.
2. In the horizontal navigation bar, roll over "Gift Registry" and click on "Registry Management".
3. On your Registry Management page, to far right of the bride and groom's name will be a column called "Profile Progress."  In this column, there will be a circle with a percentage in the middle. It should say 100%. This represents that 100% of the five steps have been completed.  Below this circle there will be a link that says "Validate."  Click on this link.

Note: if the bride has not checked that she completed all five steps, there will not be a validate link.  You can still validate that a bride has completed the steps by going to her registry, then clicking on "Edit your registry profile."

4. The Validate link will take you to the Edit registry profile page. Please scroll down to the "Administrative Features" area on this page. The admin area has a light gray background.

5. In admin area, you'll see text that says "Incentive Program."
Below that you should see all five boxes checked.
Bridge is able to confirm for you two steps:
1. Added picture to registry.
2. Added comments to items.

You'll see green text that says "Confirmed" after these steps.

6. You are responsible for manually confirming the other three steps (listed below as A, B, and C).  After you confirm each step below is complete, click on the "Confirm now" link after the step.

A. Step: Added link on social media.
You can confirm this by can asking the bride on which social media outlet she placed the link. Once you she tells you and you see it, click on "Confirm now".

B.  Step: Added link on wedding website.
To help you confirm this, we added this link:

"Need help confirming bride completed the steps? Google the registrants  [Google Logo]"

Click that to find the bride's official site. You'll want to see your name on her registry list. Once you find it, click on "Confirm now."

C. Step: Reviewed your business.
The bride may have emailed you a review or posted one on your Facebook page or her's. You will need to search for this review. Once you find it, click on "Confirm now".

7. After you have confirmed all the five steps, there is text that says:
"Your business has validated that bride completed 5 steps:  Yes / No"

Click on the Yes box.

8. Enter the date you validated the steps in the area that says "Date validated:"

9. In the area that says "Credit given to bride: Yes / No", check Yes if you have given credit. If you have not yet given the credit, then leave No checked.

10. Enter notes about the status on the incentive being given to the bride in the area that says "Notes about incentive program for bride (private / internal):"

You may enter the date when the bride picked up her gift card, which employee validated the steps, etc.

11. At the bottom of the page, click on the "Save Profile" button to save your changes.

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