Change the layout of items on your page / change product view / change page view

Bridge offers a few ways to visually display your items on the page. We call this "Page view". You can view your items in these ways:
1. Shopping. This view shows three items in a horizontal row.

2. Edit. This view shows the items vertically. Next to each item there are edit links.  When you login into your Bridge, your site automatically changes to Edit view.

4. Pricelist. This view shows items vertically. Next to each item we show some relevant information about the item. This view is similar to Edit mode, but without all of the edit links. Therefore, this view is ideal for printing out your web page.  

3. Registry. This view shows items vertically. Next to each item there is a quantity drop down. You can select a quantity for the item and at the bottom of the page choose to add the items to a registry. When you login into a registry, our software automatically changes your view to Registry view. Note: Registry view is only an option for retail members. If you are a brand or sales rep, you wil not see this page view option.

How to change the Product views:

1. Login to your Bridge.

2. At the top of your site, look for the wording "Page view:"  It will likely say "Page view: Edit". Your account automatically changes to Edit view when you login. The reason for this is that we assume you will want to edit products after you login.

3. To test your view selection, browse to any brand for which you want to view items.
If you have items in collections, you will first need to click into the collection. You have to be looking at a pattern or collection to see the page contents change in their display.

4. Confirm that you're in Edit mode. You can confirm this by looking in the upper right of the screen. Look at "Page view:...".  Confirm that it says "Product view: Edit".   When looking at your products, you'll see that they are listed vertically. 
Now, we'll change views. Roll over "Page view" at the very top of your screen and from the drop down click on "Shopping."   The page will refresh and you'll see items are now displayed horizontally vs vertically.  To continue testing, now change your product view to Registry. Then to Pricelist.  Finally, change your product view back to Edit.

1. Only retail accounts have the Registry view option.
2. If you are a retailer and you're looking at Smart Products, in Edit mode you will not see edit links. Reason: Smart Products cannot be edited by retailers.

When you roll over Page view, there are also some other view options including:
- Showroom mode
- View as visitor
- Image roll over

Showroom mode
Showroom mode allows you to stay logged in to your Bridge account but have a general public customer see your screen. Showroom mode hides wholesale prices, edit links, and other internal information that is not relevant for customers. For example, this mode is ideal for showing a customer your Bridge store while you're on the showroom floor with an iPad.

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