Record a purchase made in the physical, brick and mortar store in an online registry (create digital copy of in-store purchase)

How to record a purchase made in the physical, brick and mortar store in an online registry

Background: brides often log in from work or home and want to see all purchases that are made for them. When a customer buys something online for the bride, the purchase automatically shows up in the purchases section of the bride's account, and the bride can view these purchases anytime she logs into her account on your Bridge store.  The next question is: how can we allow the bride to login online and view BOTH online and in-store purchases?  Since Bridge is not tied into your store's Point of Sale system (POS), this information does not automatically populate to your Bridge software for the bride to see.
How do we fix this?
You (the retailer) will login to your Bridge store and create 'digital copies' of the in-store purchase that was made for the bride. 

Steps to create a digital copy of an in-store purchase:
1. Login to your Bridge store.
2. Roll over "Gift Registry" in the horizontal navigation bar and from the drop down click on "Registry Management."
3. On the Registry Management home page, click on the bride's name that you want to record a copy of in-store purchase for.
4. You will now be on the bride's registry home page. It shows her picture (if one was added) and lists her items. Scroll down to the item that you want to record the in-store purchase for.
5. Next to the item, there is text that says "Create copy of in-store purchase:" and a drop down below it. Change the "0" to the quantity the consumer bought in the store for the bride.
6. There is button floating at the bottom of the page that says "Create digital copy of in-store purchase". Click this. That will add the quantity you selected to the shopping cart and take you to the "Quick Order Form" page.
7. On the Quick Order Form, enter all applicable information that you collected from the customer, including:
- name
- email
- gift message

You can also choose to enter the customer's address.  This is helpful to record because this information will be shared with the bride and she can use it to write a thank you card.

8. Click the "Place Order" button near the bottom of the page.

Now the purchase you just completed will appear for the bride to see. Now the bride can see purchases made online and in-store in one spot in her account when she logs in.

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