Request a missing product / item be added by a Smart Brand

1. Login to your Bridge.

2. Browse to the Smart Brand for which you want to request an item (note: you can only request items be added from Smart Brands).

3. On the Smart Brands page on the right-hand side,  in the Resource Column, you'll see a blue request button that says "Request new [brand] item". Click that button.  A floating white window will appear.

4. In the floating white window, you can request the item that you seek. Please enter in all possible information about the item that you'd like added. If possible, enter the vendor's SKU.

5. Click on the "Submit" button. This will send a message to the vendor with all of the information that you entered.  

Your request will also be put in the Ticket Tracking system. You can monitor your request's progress in the Ticket Tracking system. When the vendor adds the item, it will mark the request as complete and you'll receive a confirmation email alerting you.

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