Add a PDF, Excel file, or other type of file to Chalkboard

You can add many different types of files to Chalkboard. For example, you can add news about an event and attach a PDF about the event. You may be sharing a PDF product catalog with new introductions. You can also add a Word document (.doc) or an Excel file (.xls).
To share a Chalk with a PDF, Word, or Excel file,  please:
1. Login to your Bridge.
2. When you login, you will automatically be taken to your Chalkboard. This is your news sharing page.  On your Chalkboard, in the field that says "Share..." enter the text (news) you'd like to share.
3. Below this field, there is an "Advanced settings" link. Click this.  More options will appear.
There is text says that "Add a PDF, Excel file, or other type of file to Chalkboard." Next to this text is a button to browse to a file on your computer. Click this 'Choose file' button. You can then choose the file (e.g. PDF) that you'd like to share. On a Windows machine, you may need to click 'Open' to select the file.
4. After you successfully select the file, when you're back on Chalkboard please click on the green "Share" button.
Our software will post your Chalk news and show your file. 
Bridge also offers a Library area. This is different than Chalkboard. Library is sharing more types of files, often which are larger. Whereas Chalkboard is a news tool, Library is a file sharing and storage service.

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