Making a Test Purchase on Your Site

1. Visit your Bridge store.

2. When you are at your Bridge store, be sure you are NOT logged in as the administrator. 
How can you tell if you are logged in?  When you are logged in, in the upper right it will say "Logout." When you are not logged in, it will say "Login." 

3. Browse to an item on your Bridge site.  Find any item on your site over $50. For example, you can roll over "Gifts" and from the drop down click on gifts from $50 - $100.  Note: the reason you have to select an item over $50 is that most Bridge stores by default don't allow an item to be purchased that is under $50; a customer has to call to place a small order like that.

4. Add the item to your shopping bag. One way to do this is to visit the item's 'details' page. The details page has a green button to the right of the product image that says "Add to shopping bag".

5. Click the green Add to Shopping Bag button.

6. After you click this button, a white floating window will appear. It prompts you to return to the page you were viewing or go to checkout. Click on the green "Go to Checkout" button.

7. You'll be taken to the Start Checkout page. This page asks the customer (you) to enter their email and telephone number. Both of these are required. Please enter those.

8. Click on the green "Checkout" button.

9. You'll be taken to the Order From page. On this page, there are two primary ways to checkout:

A. "Over our website." With this path, a customer can either their billing and shipping information for the first time, or login as a returning customer (thereby bringing up their saved account in the system).

B. "Over the phone." With this path, the customer can simply enter his or her phone number and 'checkout'. You the retailer will receive their phone number via email. The email will contain the shopping cart contents. You will take billing, shipping, and credit information over the phone.

Please choose the over our website path (#B above).  Enter the information as if you were making your first purchase online. 

10. Fill in all the fields for the Billing Address.

11. Click on the button "Go to Checkout" at the bottom.

12. The next page is the Place Order page. This will allow you to review your shopping cart contents, billing and shipping information, and if applicable, enter your payment information. 

Please note: your Bridge shopping cart by default does not include real-time credit card processing. 

A. If your site does not have this feature and you want to add it as a convenience for your customers, please ask Bridge to activate it for you. 

If you do not have real-time credit card processing, the bottom of the page will inform you of what will happen when you click Place Order.  The page says the store (you) will call the customer and collect the credit card information over the telephone.

B. If your site does have real-time credit card processing setup, go all the way thru the checkout and enter in your real credit card details. After you place the order, we'll inform you how to void your purchase and refund your credit card.

13. Click the Place Order button.

14. You will now be directed to the Confirmation page showing you that you have successfully placed the order. 

Behind the scenes, two emails are generated, one to each party involved.  
A. An email will be sent to the customer (in this case you who is placing the test order) confirming your order. 

B. An email will be sent to the retailer (also you) notifying you of the order.    

The customer has no more responsibility from this point on. The retailer is now responsible for fulfilling the order.

15.  If you entered your credit card during the checkout, you'll want to immediately login to (or Paytrace) and void the order.

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