Start a new bridal / wedding registry for your bride

How to Set Up a Wedding Registry for Your Bride

As the retailer, you will:
1. Go to your Bridge page.
2. Login to your Bridge account.
3. Roll-over the green 'Add' button, and from the drop down click on "Registry."
4. On the Start a New Gift Registry page, begin to fill in the relevant information:
a. Choose what event it is. By default, we have "Wedding" selected for you.
b. Select the event date.
c. Fill in the other relevant fields.
d. Review the information you entered.
e. Click on the "Submit" button.
You have now setup a new registry.

4. You'll be taken to the registry home page for this registry.  On this page, you can edit the information you entered, share the registry, and add items to the registry.
5. To add an item to the registry, you'll want to find the item you want to add to the registry. Let's imagine you want to add a Waterford item. (Waterford makes elegant tableware).  Roll over "Brands" in the horizontal navigation and from the drop down click on "Waterford."
6. On the Waterford page, you'll see lots of items. You can find the item you'd like by either searching for the item in the dedicated "Search Waterford" box or by scrolling down till you see the pattern that you'd like.  Let's imagine that you enter the search term "wine glass" in the dedicated Waterford search box and click on "Submit.:"
7. You'll see the Waterford items that meet your search criteria of "wine glass."  Click on one of these.
8. You'll be on the 'details' page for the wine glass. To the right of the item, there is a green button that says "Add to Registry."  Above that button is a "Qty" drop down that lets you change the quantity of what you add to your registry. By default, it's set to "1."  Click the add to registry button. 
9. A white floating box will appear. That box will tell you that you have successfully added the item to your registry. It will show you two links: one to return to the wine glass details page, and another sending you to the registry's home page.
10. Click the link leading to the registry page. 

You have successfully setup a registry and added an item.

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