Increase the number of brands that link to a retailer's Bridge store

Steps to get more brands to link to a retailer's website:

1. Create a new Excel file.
The file can have these columns:
Brand / Date / Success / Notes

Date is the last date you contacted the brand and asked it to add the link.
Success is if the brand added a link to your site from its find a store page.
You can put a Yes in the Success column when it adds a link to your site.

2. Add all your brands to the Excel list.

3. Give the important brands a rank of 5. The lesser ones a lower number. Sort the sheet to put your top rated brands at the top. Start by contacting the important brands first.

4. On a weekly basis, contact brands that have not linked to you. Ask them to add a link to your site on their find a store page.

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