Report an issue about a Smart Brand item

1. Login to your Bridge.
2. Browse to the Smart Brand item for which you'd like to report an issue. 
3. Once on the brand's page, browse to the pattern that the item is in.
4. Once on the pattern's page, next to the item you should see a "Report an issue" link. Click this.
5. In the floating window, check the box that relates to the issue. For example, update retail price, add picture, etc.  You can also enter specific notes in the field. Click submit.
Tip: You can close the white floating window by clicking anywhere outside of the white floating box.
You can also report an issue by browsing to the item's Details page.  Once on the Details page, above the picture there is a link that says "Report an issue or request information »."
In the example shown, let's imagine an item is in the wrong department. A baby spoon is in Bridesmaid Gifts, and the store would like it removed.
The store would click on "Report an issue" next to the item.
That would produce a floating white window.
The store would check the box "Update department." (Step #1 in the screen shot.)
The store may enter in some text. (Step #2 in the screen shot.)
The store would click on 'Submit' issue. (Step #3 in the screen shot.)

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