Assign a sales rep to a retailer

1. Login to your Bridge.
Note: if you are starting from an email you received from Bridge, you'll click on "Assign a sales rep" in the email.

2. Once on your Bridge and you're logged in, at the very top of your site roll over "Management" and from the drop down under "Friends & Members" click on "Bridge retailers."

3. On the Bridge retailers page, next to each store there is an "+ Assign" link.  This link lets you assign a sales rep to the retailer. Click this link.

4. In the floating white window, you'll see a drop-down menu with sales reps' names. 

5. Select the sales rep that you want. 

6. Click "Assign Sales Rep."

7. Close window.  That page will automatically refresh and you'll see your rep assigned.

Page will refresh and the sales rep name you selected will appear next to the retailer.

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