Add a picture to one of your bride's gift registries

1. Obtain a picture of the bride and groom. Download this to your computer. You can often get a picture from the couple's wedding site.
2. Go to your Bridge Store.
3. Login as the admin.
4. Roll over "Gift Registry" in the horizontal navigation.
5. From the drop down appearing when you roll over Gift Registry, click on "Registry Management".
6. On the Registry Management page, you'll see your brides listed.
7. Click on the bride's name. This logs you in as the bride, so you can edit her profile.
8. On the bride's registry, to the right, click on on "Edit your registry profile."
9. On the Registry profile page, scroll all the way down. You'll then see the add picture option. Click on the add / browse picture button.
10. Find and select the picture on your local computer. 
11. Click the submit / save changes button at the very bottom of the page.

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