Delete / remove a brand from your Bridge

1. Login to your Bridge.
2. At the top of your site, roll over "Management" and from the drop down menu under "Brands" click on "Manage."  This will take you to the Brand Manager.
3. Scroll to the brand you wish to remove and uncheck the box to the left of the brand. 
4. At the bottom of the page, in the lower left, there is a floating green button that says "Save." Click this. The page may ask you to archive or delete the items for the brand. Choose what you'd like.
When you remove a Smart Brand from your account, the brand's items will remain in registries that they've been added to.  If you wish to remove the brand's items from registries, you will have to remove them manually from each registry. You can find which registries have the Smart Brand's items by using the search feature on the Registry Management home page in the upper right. 

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