Add multiple SKUs to an item / product

You want to add multiple choices to an item, such as color choices. This will require adding more SKUs to an existing item.
These are the steps to do this:

1. Login to your Bridge Store.

2. Browse to the product that you want to add more SKUs to.

3. Once you find the item that you wish to edit, please look below the item's name. There are links that say: "Item: Edit / Archive / Delete…". Click on the link “Edit”.

4. A floating white window appears. In the floating white window, click on the tab on the far right that says “Products".

5. On the Products tab, at the bottom of the Products tab, it says "Add another product to this listing”. Click that.

6. Add another SKU as you normally would. Before you click on "Add new product", be sure to change the SKU to a new SKU. eg: add a “-red” to the SKU to make it unique from the SKU above.

7. Click “Add new product”.

8. Click anywhere outside of the white floating window to close it; the product page will automatically refresh.

You now have multiple SKU choices for the item.

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