Update a ticket in the Ticket Tracking system

The Ticket Tracking system is used by businesses to request changes to products, request product syncs, and request the addition of information such as an official websites.  When you complete a request, you'll want to mark the ticket as complete.

Steps to mark a ticket complete:
1. Login to your Bridge account.

2. Roll over "Management."  

3. From the drop-down, in the 2nd column under the header "Bridge," click on "Ticket Tracking."

4. On the Ticket Tracking home page, you can see all of your open, incomplete tickets. 

5. Find the ticket that needs updating, do the required action, and then return to the ticketing home page.
For example, another business may ask to sync products with you. You will want to click on the link "Approve sync request."

6. Once you complete the ticket, for the ticket you want to mark complete, change the status from "Action Needed" to "Complete". Once you select Complete, the page will automatically refresh. An email will automatically be sent to the member that submitted the ticket. The email sent will tell the member that the request is complete.

Before marking the ticket complete, you may wish to send a note to the requester.  To do this, click "+ Send Message" below the ticket item's date. You can specify what was done to complete the request.  For example, a note may say "Item is discontinued." Your business friend will see your notes.

There is also a cancel link. You can click this if the ticket request was made in error. 

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