1. Login to your Bridge.
2. In the horizontal navigation, roll over  "Gift Registry" and from the drop down click on "Registry Management." 
3. On the Registry Management page, you will see a list of the current year's registrants. Find the registrant to which you wish to send the welcome email.
4. Once you find the registrant, look to the right of the registrant's name. There is the registrant's email. Roll over the registrant's email. New links will appear, including:
Welcome e-mail / Incentive / TheKnot Steps / Picture
Clicking these links will auto-populate an email in your native email program (e.g. Outlook or Apple's Mail program). Click "Welcome email".  
5. Your native email program will open and you'll have a welcome email template pre-written for you. Edit it as you see it.
6. Send that email.   The registrant should receive it. 
Additional notes:
Here is a key to the other auto-populated emails that you can generate:
- General email. When you click the registrant's email, the software will generate a general email. It includes a salutation, a link to the registry, and your store contact information. 
- Incentive email: When you click this link, the software will auto-populate an email that encourages the registrant to complete the 5 step incentive program. This program encourages the registrant to promote your store and her registry via 5 steps. 
- TheKnot.com Steps. When you click this link, your software will auto-populate an email listing the steps to add a link to your store on theknot.com. 
- Picture. When you click this link, your software will auto-populate an email that asks the registrant to email you a picture so that you can add it to the registrant's registry page. 

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