Mobile Order Inquiry - Telephone Checkout

A mobile order inquiry is when a customer checks out with just his/her telephone number.  The customer does not enter any billing or shipping information nor his/her credit credit number.  
You will need to call the telephone number provided to get their details and payment information.
Since the customer used just his/her telephone number, the software will not know the state in which the person lives so the software does not charge tax. Please add the necessary tax when confirming details via telephone with the customer.
Sample telephone order email alert:
Mobile Order inquiry: Call 212-555-1212 ASAP
PLEASE CALL CUSTOMER to COLLECT PAYMENT INFORMATION ~ PAYMENT HAS NOT BEEN RECEIVED. Since the customer checked out with just his/her phone number,  you will collect the bill to, ship to, and credit card payment information when you call the customer.
[Store name] made a wedding registry sale: $XX.XX

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