Organize items into primary, secondary and tertiary departments

Proper organization of your items is important.
When you properly organize items, you: 
- Helps consumers shop for items.
- Helps stores find items.
- Helps Google find and organize your items. 
In general, one may think that naming a product is good enough. But product names are actually not that helpful.  A computer can't easily group two lamps or dinner plates together unless they're placed in a 'grouping.'   That's the purpose of placing items in 'departments.' Bridge uses departments to group like items. We have three tiers of organization:
+ Primary
+ Secondary ("sec.")
+ Tertiary ("terts")
These departments are extremely helpful since they’re universal and can group and thereby organize 1,000s of items across 1,000s of brands in a uniform manner.

If an item is only in a primary dept., but not in a secondary dept., Bridge may ‘flag’ it and say its not been properly organized. We may send you an email alerting you to this.

Our motive: when there are 1,000s of items, it’s not suitable to just put an item in “Dinning & Entertaining” because then the item won’t be found when a customer drills into a site and looks at, for example:
Dinning & Entertaining > Dinner > Dinner plates.
It’s better to organize a dinner plate and place it in:
Dinning & Entertaining > Dinner > Dinner plates
In the above example, these department designations are used: 
Primary dept. > Sec. dept. > Tertiary dept.
Dinning & Entertaining > Dinner > Dinner plates.

Please find our department hierarchy/master list here:
If you wish to find out what departments an item is in, you can do that by looking at the item's Details page. 
You will see a description similar to this:
Shop by department: 
Decorating & Accessories » 
This items is in the primary department "Decorating & Accessories » "  But it's not in a sec. dept.
If you wish to update it, you can edit it, then assign to to a sec. dept.
If you ever wish to see what items are missing a secondary department, please:
1. Login to your Bridge.
2. At the top of your site, roll over “Management." 
3. In the drop down, under the header “Products," click on "Missing Secondary Dept."

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