Add special and/or discounted pricing to bridal registry item

A store may offer its bridal registry customers special pricing on items. For example, the retail price on a plate by at $100. The store may offer the bride's friend and family that plate for $90. Below are the steps needed to have that item at $90 in the Bridge registry:

1. Login to your Bridge site. 

2. Visit the bride's registry page and confirm that the item you wish to discount is in the bride's registry. It will  need to be in the registry to be discounted.

3. At the very top of your site, roll over "Management." 

4. From the Management drop down choices, under the header Registry, click on "Registry Customers."

5. On the Registry Customers page, select the bride for which you'd like to add special pricing.

6. On the bride's page, you'll see the item for which you'd like to add the special pricing. In the column that says Special pricing, enter in the special pricing for the item. Click "Submit" to the right of the item

7. To see your changes on the live registry, click on the "View registry."

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