Import many images into Bridge / mass image syncing

When adding new items to Bridge, it is sometimes easier and quicker to email Bridge a file of your product images. Bridge can can then process, upload, and sync these images to your product SKUs.  Bridge offers this service to you when you have many images, such as over 75, to add to your account. We do not offer this service below when your account just needs a few images. 
Please follow the instructions below:
1. Image preparation requirements / guidelines
Gather and prepare your images.
A. One image per item.
B. All images should be at least 1000 px height or width.  Bridge software will use this image file to auto-generate the different image sizes that it needs. We suggest providing us with the highest resolution images you have available for your items.
C. Accepted image formats: jpg, tif, or png. JPG is preferred. Color profile RGB is preferred.
D. Image file names: the image file must be named the SKU or UPC. Please remove extra non-SKU identifying data from the file name.
If your item SKU is named ABC1234, then your image file name must be:
Do not send us file names like this:
The above are non-compliant file names and we will not be able to use files named like this. 
Properly naming your images speeds up Bridge's ability to match your images to your products.
2. Sharing images with Bridge
After you have confirmed your image file names meet the above requirements, you'll then share these images files with Bridge.
A. Put all of your images into a a single folder. Please no subfolders for patterns, collections, or lifestyle shots. 
B. Please Zip this file. If the Zip file is too big to upload in a single instance, you may split the images into a few different folders or Zip files and then load them individually to the Bridge Library (or internal file sharing service).
C. To share a file with us via Library, please:
i. Log into your Bridge account.
ii. At the top of the screen roll over "Management" and from the drop down and select "Library."
iii. At the top of your Library page, there is a "+ Add document to library" link. Click this link and select the zipped images archive(s) and proceed to upload them until all data/image archives are successfully in your Library.
Alternate upload option: 
Bridge has the ability to download files via DropBox. Simply gather all your assets in a relevantly named folder in your DropBox and then share a link to that folder to

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