Watching / Attending a Bridge Webinar: Best Practices

Watching / Attending a Bridge Webinar: Best Practices

1. Set up your computer

A. Try to connect to the internet via wired connection as opposed a wireless (Wi-Fi) connection. Hardwired connections are always faster and have more bandwidth, which you’ll need for watching the webinar video. Videos require a lot of bandwidth.

We have found that Internet browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox work the best with Go-to-Meeting. We have had audio issues with Safari at times, so we don't recommend it. 


B.  We use the Go-to-Meeting platform: You will be using this software in some capacity when doing a webinar with us. 


On your regular computer (not mobile phone) start by either clicking the invitation that we email you, or visiting: Download and install the Go-to-Meeting software for your Windows or Apple computer. 


i. If you do not have the Go-to-Meeting software installed on your computer, you can join our webinar through the Go-to-Meeting website.  We have found that Go-to-Meeting will work more smoothly if you have the Go-to-Meeting Software installed on your computer.  Please do this before the meeting to test your computer. You can contact us at to test your system.


ii. You can also download the Go-to-Meeting app to your phone or tablet via itunes or the Google App Store. We recommend watching this on a computer because the screen is larger on your computer. 


2. Set up your audio


When you first log in to the webinar, you will be prompted to choose which method you'd like to use to listen to the meeting audio:

~ Select Computer audio to use your computer's mic and speakers.

~ Select Phone call to use your telephone to dial in to the audio conference.


We have found that the sound is better when you use the call in option via telephone. If you don’t want to tie up your store’s telephone line, call in via your cellular phone.

If you choose to use your computer’s audio, be sure your computer has speakers or use a head-set. A head-set is preferable. 


3. Communicating with us during the webinar

A. You will be able to communicate with us and other attendees during the presentation via the chat window.


B. We will mute you during the presentation so your store’s background noise is not audible. 


4. Once you're in the session, you will see your audio controls on the ‘Audio' tab. You can switch audio modes at any time:

Test your mic and speakers ("Computer audio" only)

Enter your Audio PIN ("Phone call" audio only)

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