How to best reduce your number of gift registries (delete gift registries) / remove old registry

A. Having gift registries on your website has a lot of benefits. These include:
1. Old registries boost your Google ranking - part I
Brides add links on their official wedding site and social media sites (e.g. Facebook) that lead back to your site. These links are called 'back links.' Google bots crawl the web and keep track of these links lead to and from sites.  Google counts these links and they are one criteria for how your website ranks in Google.  If you delete a registry, Google will remove this back link connection. This hurts your Google ranking.
2. Old registries boost your Google ranking - part II
Google crawls your site and 'reads' the words on your site. When you have many registries, Google then knows your store is a registry related site. Google wil then output your store as a gift registry resource to shoppers. 
3. Old registries motivate new registrants to register
On your Bridge home page (Newsfeed) and Registry home page, anniversary reminders appear. Potential registrants and shoppers see these and they show that you care about your registrants. This encourages more registrants to register.
4. Use old registries to get new orders
We show anniversary reminders to you on your private internal Newsfeed. Retailers use these reminders to contact the registrant and increase sales.  If you delete a registry, this anniversary reminder will not appear.
5. Old registries are used to contact past registry purchasers
Your Bridge software sends an email to customers that bought a gift for the registrant on their anniversary. For example, if Aunt Mary bought a gift for her niece Amy on your Bridge Store, on the 3rd wedding anniversary, an email will automatically be sent to Aunt Mary reminding her of the wedding anniversary. This email serves to boost awareness about your store and encourage sales. If you delete a registry, this email will not be sent. 
6. Our software motivates your registrants to redeem their registry credit
Your Bridge software emails the registrant to remind her/him to use their registry credit during the redemption period. If you delete the registry, then your software will not send an email to the registrant to remind her/him to use her/his credit. This results in a registry credit staying on the 'books' longer. Having registry credit on the books is ‘bad’ since registry credit a type of debt. Credit is best when converted and used towards an actual product. When you delete a registry, this deletes our software's ability to send emails reminders about using registry credit. 
B. If you wish to reduce the number of registries in your Bridge account, you will want to delete older registries, and older ones that are not important and/or were never used. To find these less valuable registries, look for registries that:
- Have $0 or a low dollar amount in sales. 
- Have no registry picture added.
- Contain no registered items.
- Were setup as a test registry and are not real registries.
To find the above information, browse to your registry admin page and look for registries that meet he above criteria. Steps:
1. Log into your Bridge.
2. Once you're logged in, roll over "Management" and from the drop down under Registry click on "Admin."  
3. In the Registry Admin area, you'll see your past registries.  By default you'll be viewing the current year.  Find the drop down that lets you view past years. Select the oldest year available. Starting on the oldest year, look for registries that:
- Have $0 or a low dollar amount in sales. 
- Have no registry picture added.
- Contain no registered items.
Once you find a registry you wish to delete, consider first 'downloading' it. You can do this by 'printing it as a PDF.'
You can use the ‘print as PDF’ feature built into your web browser/computer. This feature ‘prints’ the document to a digital PDF.  In this way, you can have registries 'digitally' as a PDF and not have to print out lots of paper registries. You can have digital versions of the registries.  If you are using a PC/Windows computer, here is more info on ‘print to PDF’:
Once you 'print' the registry you'll be deleting, return to the Registry Administrator page. Please look to the far right of the registry names and click on the "Delete" link. Please note that once you click this, this is not reversible. 
You can also look at your archived registries to find registries that you may wish to delete. To view your archived registries, you will:
1. Log into your Bridge.
2. Once you're logged in, roll over "Management" and from the drop down under "Registry" click on "Archived Registries."  
To find out how many active and archived registries your Bridge account has, please follow these steps:

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