Move an item from one department to another

1. Login to your Bridge.
2. Once you’re logged in, then search for the item you wish to move to another department.
3. Once you find the item, there is a “Edit” link near the item’s picture. Click on this Edit link.
4. A floating window will appear. In the floating window, there are 4 ‘tabs’: General Info, Descriptions, Keywords, and Products.
Select the General Info tab.
5. On the General Info tab, there is a Departments field. Select the department you wish to put the item in. Depending on which Department you select, the Secondary Department choices to the right will change. 
On an Apple computer, you can put an item in more than one Department by holding down the “Command” key while selecting.
6. Select a Secondary Department for the item.  Depending on which Secondary Department you select, the Tertiary Department choices to the right will change. 
7. After you make your changes, click the blue button “Update Product” in the upper right.
8. Close the floating white window and the product page will automatically refresh.

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