Use the 'Google an image' feature / drag images to add them to Details page

1. Login to your Bridge.
2. Browse to the item for which you wish to add the picture.
You’ll want to navigate to the item’s ‘Details’ page. You can tell if you’re on the Details page a few ways.
The details page normally has 2 buttons to the right of the picture.
The word ‘details’ also appears in the URL. Eg:  this is a details page:

3. Once you on the item’s details page, there are tow ways to add a picture for the item. You’ll be using the top option, which is “Google an image.”
First, confirm that the item you’re viewing has no product photo.
Once you confirm there is no picture, below the product's name, the click on the link “Google an image.”
When you click on this, another browser window will open.
Our software will Google the product brand, name, and the brand's website.
You can ONLY take images from Google if they reside on a website that you have permission to take an image from. You can NOT take images from other retailers or entities from which do you not have specific permission.
Reason: images are copyrighted, and taking an image that another business took without permission is copyright infringement. 
4. In the Google image results, find the image that you need,
Take note of the url that the image is being provided from. If the image URL is the official site of the brand and the brand has given you permission to use its images, then click on the image. 
5. Once you click on the image, it will appear with a black background around it. There will be a a few gray buttons near the image.   One will say “View image.” Click this.
6. The image will open in a new window. This will be the image you wish to drag from one browser window to another browser window showing your Bridge store.
Please note: the image url should end in .jpg, .gif, or .png.  
For example, the image URL may be:
Bridge cannot accept images that are .tif, and we do not accept URLS that do not end in .jpg, .gif, or .png.  

7. Place both browser windows side by side.  On the left, place your Bridge store browser window. On the right, position your Google image. In the browser window that has the image you want, hold down your cursor and drag the image over and ‘drop’ it in the box on your Bridge site. You’ll drop it in the box the above the green button “Submit dragged image."
8. After you drag the image into the window, click the green Submit dragged image button.
Our software will upload and process your submitted dragged image.  The page will refresh and show your image.

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