Add Smart Brand / Products to your POS

You can load your Smart Products to your POS (point of sale) system. 
You will need a seasoned POS/tech person to setup a process to do orchestrate this.
For starters, you will want to download your Smart Products. Using this download, you can then import them into a testing environment.  Do NOT load the items to your live, real POS system, as this will likely cause you problems. You want to first test the data in a test environment.  Also, start by testing a small sample of data; do not load, for example, 100k items to your testing environment. 
1. To download your Smart Products items, please follow these steps:
2. Once you download your data, import a small portion of this into your POS.
You will want to create a weekly series of steps to purge old data and import new data.

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