Accept 'Send Payment' submissions / Update to not require an 'address line 1' match

You may wish to update your settings to not require an address line 1 match.
You will want to not require an address line 1 match if you wish to have customers use the "Send Payment" feature on your website. Reason: in order to make sending payments easier, we don't require an address line 1, so we can't have require it.

Here is how to update this setting in

1. Login to your account.

2. In the upper right, click in "Account."

3. On the Account page, under "Security Setting," click in "Address Verification Service." 

4. On the Address Verification Services page, there is a section entitled "Address and ZIP Code Responses."
Make sure that only "A" is checked.

5. Click on "Submit" at bottom to save your changes.

Your Bridge store can now accept 'Send payment' submissions.

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