Share Your Bridge Products and News on Facebook / Make Your Bridge Products and News Shoppable on Facebook

How to Share Your Products on Bridge on Facebook / Make Your Bridge Products 'Shoppable'
1. Share the product's photo from your Bridge account to your Facebook Page.
To do this, please:
A. On your Bridge site, visit the product you wish to share. 
B. Copy the URL of the page.
C. Visit your Facebook page.  In area where you share news on your Facebook page, share the URL that you have copied.  (Paste it into share field on Facebook).
When that product is posted on your Facebook account, it will lead to the exact product (SKU) on your Bridge website. With one click, your Facebook visitor can visit your Bridge and view the item. If you have a retailer Bridge account, the visitor can purchase the item on your Bridge account. 
2. Share Your Bridge News on Your Facebook page (aka Make Bridge News 'Shoppable' via Facebook)
You or your Smart Brand vendors can post news on Chalkboard. You can share these to your Facebook page. 
To do this, please:
A. Visit the Chalk you wish to share to your Facebook page.
B. Below the Chalk there is the 'Action bar.' In the action bar, click the "Share" link.
C. When you click the Share link, a pop-up window will appear with a few choices. One of the choices is "Facebook."  Click this.
D. Another window will appear that allows you to either "Like" or "Share" the post.  Click on the blue "Share" button.
E. After you click the blue Share button, a Facebook window will appear giving you a preview of the post. Click on "Post" to share the news.
F. Visit Facebook account's home page and look for the news you just shared. Click on the news to confirm it leads back to your Bridge site.
If the vendor $tagged the items in the post (most of them do), your customer will be one click from viewing/purchasing the product or collection on your Bridge website. 

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