Add and edit promotional / sale banners

1. Login to your Bridge.

2. At the top of your Bridge, roll over the green "+Add" button and from the drop down click on "Promotion."

3. On the Promotions page, on the far right click on the green "Add new promotion" button.

4. A floating white window will appear. In this window, enter the promotion's details:

A. Select the brand it applies to (this will only be a choice if you're a distributor).

B. Enter the promotion's headline. e.g. "Buy 4 place settings, get the 5th free!"
You do not need to enter the brand name in the headline. Our software will add that to the front of the headline automatically.

C. Enter the promotion's start and end date.  You can leave this blank if you wish.
If you enter a start date, the promotion will not appear until the start date that you enter. 

D. Click the "Save" button.  The white window will close and and Promotions home page will refresh and show your promotion.

5. Visit your newsfeed/home page to see the promotion.

The promotion bar will appear on these pages:
- Newsfeed/home page
- Brands home page
- Registry home page

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