Add a link on your Shopify store leading to your Bridge

Add a link on your Shopify store leading to your Bridge store. 

This shows you how to add a link to your Bridge in a Shopify 'menu.'

1. Login to your Shopify account. 

2. On the left-hand side, under "Sales Channels," under "Online Store," click on "Navigation."

3. In the Navigation section, you'll see a Menus area. In the Menus area, you'll see a list of all the menu choices on your site.
The confusing part here is that the menu and their items are all listed together alphabetically. This results in mess of menu groups and link names. But, we'll press on. If you are adding the Bridge link to a Menu that has many link in it, you'll want to find the menu name that represents that group of menu links. For example, that menu may be called "Main menu."  Click "Main menu."

4. You will then see all of the links that are part of the Main menu choices. These may include:
For the Bedroom
For the Bahtroom

There is a button above these links that says "Add menu item."  Click this button.

5. A field will then appear below the list of existing menu items. You can enter in the name of the link, choose what the text/link does, and then enter a URL.

If we are adding a link to your Bridge gift registry, you'll enter this:
A. For name filed, enter "Gift Registry".
B. For link type, from the drop down choose "Web address." It's the last choice in the drop down.
C. In the url field, paste in your registry website address. If may resemble this:

D. Click on the blue button "Save menu" to save your changes.

6. You can then visit your Shopify site view your changes.

Helpful Graphics:

#2 Step:

#5 Step:

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