Decline a sync request from a retailer

When a retailer asks to sync with your business, you may wish to not approve it. Here is how to handle that:

1. Login to your Bridge.

2. Go to your Ticketing system.  Roll over "Management" at the top and click on "Ticket Tracking" from the drop down.

3. Once you are in your Ticketing area,  you can either:

A. Find the sync request from the retailer.

B. Do you want to send the retailer a message explaining why you're not accepting?  If so, click on the link "Send message". This will produce a floating message window. Type in your message. Submit the message. 

C. Next, you'll want to update the ticket's status. Click the "Cancel" radio button for the ticket. 

The benefit of canceling the ticket is that you won't receive more reminders from our software in the future. Note: our software will keep sending you reminders until you either mark the ticket "Complete" or "Canceled".

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