Share images with Bridge / image import checklist

 When sending images to Bridge, please follow these steps:

1. Bridge accepts these files types: 

2. Confirm that are all images are named [sku].[file extension]

i.e. [sku].jpg 

For example, if you have a sku named 1234, the image name should be 1234.jpg.
Do not name files with product names such as cup.jpg.

3. Confirm that there is one image for each item. Do not include multiple images for one item.

4. All images should be at least 1000 px height or width. 

5. Do not put images in subfolders. Please put all images in one folder with no subfolders.

6. Please send Bridge your highest resolution images. Preferably the images are 1000 px wide or greater. Bridge will use a program to resize these images to the necessary sizes used in Bridge.

7. When you are ready to share images, please:
a. Zip your folder with the images.
b. Load the file to Bridge Library. For instructions on how to load a file to Library, please see this page:

c. Please email Bridge to let us know that the file is in your Library.

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