Add a custom header to your online store

You can add a custom header image to your online Bridge store.
As a reference, please see the Bailey's store example below. In this example, we've outlined the Bailey's header in pink showing you what Bailey's has added.  Bailey's created this header image, then emailed Bridge the image. Bridge then loaded this to the Bailey's account. 

Bailey's wished to add links to the header image. These are called image map links. Bailey's told Bridge where the links should point to, and Bridge created the image map links for Bailey's.

If you want to add a custom image header on your account, please do this:
1. Create an image header that you want. Bridge's requirements are that the image be 984 px wide. The image height can vary, and be up to 400 px high.  As a reference, please find a sample image below. It's a black template you can edit in Photoshop.
2. Decide if you will want links to exist within your header image. If so, please make a list of where you want these links to point.
3. Email Bridge the image that you'd like us to load for your account. Please also send us the image map links if applicable.

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