Run a temporary sale / promotion: How to format an Excel sheet to give to Bridge

When you run a sale / promotion on your Smart Products, Bridge's staff may help you run a mass price update that puts your items on sale.

When you submit the Excel file to Bridge's staff, the Excel file should only have these columns in it:

- UPC (optional)
- Product name (optional)
- US MSPR (retail) (required) 
- US SSRP (sale price) (required)
- US Wholesale  (optional)
- US Sale wholesale  (optional)

If you are syncing products with the Canadian market, please create a separate sheet for Canada.

- UPC (optional)
- Product name (optional)
- CD MSPR (retail) (required)
- CD SSRP (sale price) (required)
- CD Wholesale  (optional)
- CD Sale wholesale  (optional)

Please note: if you are adding sale retail price, you will likely be adding a sale wholesale price. Reason: it would unfair to the retailer to lower their retail price but not lower their wholesale (cost).

- Bridge will need 5 business days advance notice of a sale that you wish to run.  As such, email us your sales prices as early as possible so that we can place your items on sale on time.
- Please do not include multiple sheets per file; please delete any extra sheets from the file. 
- We don't need any other information that what is requested above. For example, we don't need the product's dimensions. Please remove any other information from the sheet.

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