Add a slide for your brand / to your Newsfeed

Slides are one of the first things that consumers see on your Bridge and your retailers' and sales reps' sites. 
The slide assigned to a brand appears in a few spots on Bridge:
1. On the Newsfeed (Bridge home page). Bridge shows a slideshow of brands offered by the member.
2. At the top of the brand's page showing all of the brand's items. For example, browse to brand X on a retailer's account, the slide for brand X will appear at the top.
We recommend that you update your slides often in order to show the most recent lifestyle pictures and collections. Your slides may include:
1. Popular collections, patterns and/or items.
2. Any sales or promotions that are suited to the general public.
How to add/update slides:
1. If you choose to make the slide yourself, please make the slide image 977 px wide by 310 px high. 
Please included with this support article a few sample slides that other brands have added to their bridge. Open these images in a new browser window, and then download them into Photoshop to make your slides.
2. Each slide can have a link leading to a web page. 
3. Please email us the image and respective URL to:

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