Set a product to be "Retailers Only" / only allow retailers to view item and hide it from the general public

You can offer products to retailers via Bridge that only the retailer can see when it is logged in.  These are items such as display cases or gift boxes that you'd like your retailers to see in their account but not allow the retailer's general public to see or purchase.

This feature is called "Retailers Only" and you can designate a product (e.g. display case item) to be retailer only. This will effectively hide this item from all visitors to a Bridge retailers site, while allowing the retailer themselves to still see and order the specified item when are are logged in and browsing your items.

Directions on setting an item to be "Retailers Only":

1. Log into your Bridge account.

2. Navigate to the specific item you want to set to be "Retailers Only". If you have not added the item to your Bridge yet, first add, then return here to this step.

3. On the item's Details page,  above the product's main photo click the "Edit" link.
4. A pop-up white window will appear. In the popup window, make sure you are viewing the "General Info" tab. 

5. On the General Info tab,  there is an option for "Retailers Only". Change the dropdown to "Yes". 

6. Click the blue "Update product" button in the upper right corner of the same pop-up window.  This will save your changes.

7. Close the floating white window.

You're all set. The item is now retailer only.

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