Want to totally revamp your Bridge Smart Products? Here's how...

You can revamp your product offering using a piecemeal approach.

1. First, we recommend that you pick a format to follow. E..g. will your updated organization and product offering be following your website or your catalog? Pick which existing entity you'll be mirroring.

2. Archive data. 
You can manually archive items. If you need to archive many items, send us an Excel file with data you wish to archive. 
Here are steps for mass archiving:

3. Update prices for existing items.
You can manually change prices. You can also use Bridge's mass price change tool.
Here are steps to use the mass price change feature:

4. Add new items.
You can manually add new items. If you have many items, you'll ask Bridge for help.

5. After you add the items, you'll the want to sort the patterns (and items) as you'd like.
Here is how to sort patterns on the Patterns page:

Here is how to sort items within a pattern:

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