Add a brand to your Bridge Store / website

To add a brand:

1. Login to your Bridge account.

2. At top of page, roll over "+Add" and then from the drop down choose "Brand."

3. On the Brand Manager page, find the brand that you'd like to add. You can search for brands a few ways.

You can use the search box or you can click on the links that group brands by what they offer (e.g. "Dining & Entertaining" brands, etc.)


Once you find the brand, you'll notice that its background has a color.

Color key:


if the brand has a gray background, the brand is not a Smart Brand. You can add it to your site and manually add items for this brand.


If the brand has a green background, the brand is a Smart Brand. If you get permission from this brand, all of its items can instantly appear in your Bridge account. This saves you time and money. 


Brands in yellow are brands that you already have added to your account and they are showing on your public site as being brands that you offer.


4. If the brand has a gray background:

i. Select the brand's check box to the left of the brand name.

ii. Click the green "Save" button in the lower left of the page. 

iii. The brand manager page will refresh. You will now see the brand in yellow. That means it is appearing on your public site and you can add items for it.   To add visit the brand on your public site, click the brand's name in yellow. It is a link leading to the brand's page on your site. On this brand's page, there is a green button on the right-hand side that will let you add new items for it.

5. If the brand has a green background:

Click on the "Ask to sync" link to the left of the brand. This will send a notification to  the brand with your request to sync products. Requests are normally handled within 24 hours.  


6. If you don't see the brand that you want listed in the Brand Manager, there is a link near the top of the page. It says:

"Click here to request that a missing brand be added to this page"

Click this link. You can then request that a new brand be added.



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