Know if a sales rep is syncing with your brand(s)

1. Login to your Bridge.
2. Roll over "Management" at the top of your site.
3. From the drop down under "Friends & Members," click on "Bridge sales reps."
On this page, you'll see your brand and which active Bridge sales reps are friends and/or syncing with it. 
There is a column called "Syncing." If there is a green dot in this column, you are synced. If you are not syncing products, there is a "Ask to sync" link.
As a general rule, you will want to be friends with any sales rep that you are syncing products with and vice versa.
4. If you see the sales rep that you want to sync with here, click the sync link.
5. If you don't see the sales rep's name and want to sync with it, scroll to the bottom of the page. There is a green button that says "Add more businesses." Click this button.
A. You will be taken to the sales rep directory with all of Bridge's businesses in it.
B. In this sale rep directory, find the business that you want to add. 
C. Once you find the business, under the Product Syncing header, click on the "Ask to Sync" link.
D.  A floating window will appear that says
"Send product sync request ."
Click on the blue button "Send sync request."
This will send a sync request.
If the business accepts this sync request, all your products will appear in its Bridge catalog.
E. You can watch your request's progress in your Ticket Tracking system.
6. Need to delete a sales rep? Follow these steps in this support doc:

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