What is the bridal / gift registry 5 step incentive program?

Your Bridge Store includes a gift registry, and that gift registry by default offers registrants an incentive to promote your store. Your Bridge's incentive program asks the registrant to complete five steps. When he or she does, your store gives the registrant an in-store gift card. By default, your Bridge Store sets this gift card incentive reward at $30. You are responsible for giving this amount to the customer; you can set this amount to what you'd like. Since the average gift registry purchase is $151, we recommend raising the incentive amount to $75+.
Here are the steps the registrant must complete to get the in-store gift card from your business:
1. Registrant must add his/her picture to his/her registry on your site. 
Why? People love to see registrant pictures when they're looking at a registry.
2. Add a link to his/her registry on your site to his/her social media accounts (e.g. Facebook).
Why? Friends and family increasingly look at social media to find content and where to shop.
3. Add a link on his/her official wedding website (e.g. theKnot.com) linking back to his/her registry on your site. 
Why? Friends and family often start at theknot.com.
4. On his/her registry on your site, add a comment about an item. E.g. "This vase is gonna rock the mantelpiece!"
Why? Friends and family are more likely to buy items with comments on them.
5. Registrant will review your store using your Bridge Review page.
Why? Reviews boost your Google ranking. 
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